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Heavenly Scent Meadows
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The following photos represent each of my Friends' farms and horses. They all possess quality, type, beauty, intelligence, personality and more.

Claire and Thee Titan!  Future Stallion of Schemel Stables!

Schemel Stables. This is a wonderful farm. Arabians here have the most pleasant personalities, beauty, intelligence and more. Claire and Rick Schemel are very nice folks and easy to work with. Introducing "Thee Titan." Future herd stallion of the Schemels.


Blacklordof Cairo of Chilako Black Arabians in BC, Canada. Clint and Severine Neitzel are wonderful people and am so pleased that we can work together. Clint and Severine live in BC, Canada and keep very busy. They have an outstanding son of Blacklord Arabi whom has produced the most stunning and breathtaking Black Arabians.


Ansata Nile Sheik of Al Zarka Arabians. These are wonderful people to work with. I suggest that when looking for great horses, consider not only the horse itself, but the people who take care of them. The people make the real difference. Their are so many great horses that customers do not have to put up with rude breeders and I really suggest "don't."


Pasha Farid of the Gastut Rothenburg Arabian Farm. Introducing some new friends of mine: Gestut Rothenberg Straight Egyptian Arabians have some of the most magnificent Straight Egyptians available. Annette & Erwin Escher have been very nice and easy to talk to. They are located in Bavaria, Germany which is very beautiful. This is the home of the stallions; Madallan-Madheen, Classic Shadwan, Pasha Farid, Dalia Halim, Prince Shetan plus other beautiful horses. Check out the photos of their offspring.


Introducing HHP Khareem of Tarrawonga Appaloosa & Arabians. Mike and Nora Hatton are in the world of Arabians with class. Please welcome their new young stallion, Khareem, that portrays characteristics of his authentic, powerful pedigree.  Khareem has a unique combination of Luxor of Rose, Raadin Inshalla, Princeton Faaris, Blacklord Arabi, and Saud El Ameer within the first two generations. His sire is Hot Amali and his dam is Arasuj.