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Now standing at  HSM, Charab Ferzt, Grey.  Sired by Misty Ferzon (Ferzon x Rose of Mistanny) and out of Mistana of Charab (HMR Mistabi x Summeraff).  97% CMK and 100% American Foundation.

Son of Misty Ferzon x Mistana of Charab
Introducing Charab Ferzt

Charab Ferzt

Charab Ferzt

Charab Ferzt

Special Breeding Fees for 2003 to ONLY 5 approved mares.  Fees are variable.  My fees are set according to the mare's qualities and the mare owner's goals and farm objective.  To apply for the approved fee, the mare owner needs to send me a video cd or vhs tape and a questionairre filled out.  The video needs to include the mare's social skills with people and other horses, a demonstration of her temperament, movements, and any other demonstrations that would show her qualities.  Email me for the questionairre. 

Family Photos of Colts

BR-After Shock
Sire of Genesis HSM

Exotic Beauty
Dam of Genesis HSM

Sire of BR-After Shock
Faraazz-Grandsire of Genesis HSM

Tali Fahl
Great Grandsire to Genesis through BR-After Shock
Arabi Fadh Onyx
Great Grandsire to Genesis through Exotic Beauty
Zechariah 6:1-8  ...I asked the angel who was speaking to me 'What are these, my lord?'  The angel answered me, 'These are the four spirits of heaven...The one (chariot) with black horses is going toward the North country, the one with the white horses toward the West, and the one with the dappled horses toward the South...Then he called to me, 'Look, those going toward the North country have given my Spirit rest in the land of the North.'

Misty Ferzon-Sire of Charab Ferzt

Misty Ferzon

Summeraff-Granddam of Ferzt by Mistana (Ferzt's dam)

HMR Mistabi-Grandsire to Ferzt by dam, Mistana.

Genesis HSM
Junior Stallion Colt


Genesis HSM Pedigree

No Longer For Sale 
Possible LEASE Availabe!
Monthly fee for leasing depends on whether he will be shown or not; LOWER fee for Show Oriented Leasor/Breeder, HIGHER fee for Non-Show Leasors/Breeders.  Proof of shows must be sent in at the end of each show month for lower leasing fees.  Leasee is responsible for transportation, training, health care, and I will continue to provide insurance.

Please visit: Revelation 6:1-8
Charab Ferzt is a well-bred stallion descending from such greats as Ferzon, Hallany Mistanny, Azraferzon, Azraff, and more.  He is 97% CMK and 100% American Foundation.  His sire is Misty Ferzon (Ferzon x Rose of Mistanny) and out of Mistana of Charab (HMR Mistabi x Summeraff).   
Genesis is a beautifully Bred Colt for Performance. Babson, Egyptian, and Crabbet bred lines descending from some of the greats that have produced such magnificent performance winners.