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Heavenly Scent Meadows
Family Photo Album
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I would like to say that I am thankful and am blessed to have my children and my husband. They are all wonderful people and we work together to make this family work.


Rebecca died September of 2001 about a week before the September 11 Attack on America.  Rebecca was 15 years old and died in a car accident and by not wearing her seat belt was thrown from the car dying immediately.  She was like part of our family and I miss her so much! 

Mine and My Brothers' Kids!


This is the first Holloween I actually got to go with the kids for a long, long time because of work retraints that is no longer a problem! Wore me out in 15 minutes! :)

My son, Devyn!

Ashley at 2002 St Louis Zoo

Ashley & Devyn at 2002 St Louis Zoo

Bridgette right before Singing before the Church