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Heavenly Scent Meadows
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Crossed Over The Rainbow Bridge

Photo at 23 years young on 4-1-03
Mistana of Charab (HMR Mistabi x Summeraff)

Granddaughter of Hallany Mistanny
Saba Hallanae at age 21

Sired by: HMR Haltanny Dam: Romaga
Newest Member of the Family; Saba Hallanae

Saba Hallanae lived nearly 22 years from 1981 to March 4, 2003.  Cause of death still unknown.  Likely cause Neurological disorder.
Granddaughter of Hallany Mistanny, bred through the Howard Marks breeding program.  Sire was HMR Haltanny and dam was Romaga.

For the Love of Nile Isabeau!


Saturday, January 26th, I went to Nebraska to bring home a wonderful, beautiful Straight Egyptian mare that was in foal to a wonderful, classic Arabian stallion with the old Arab bloodlines; Tajhan, son of Farazdac.

Had two wonderful days with Issy then on Monday, January 28, marked the end of her life with a tragic accident. Too painful to describe here, but I was there next to her as she went over the Rainbow Bridge.

Issy was 11 years old and was 9 months pregnant with no possible way to save the baby.

Nile Isabeau!  Granddaughter of The Egyptian Prince.

Nile Isabeau 1990(Amir Saida by The Egyptian Prince x RG Lady Hawke granddaughter of Ansata Ibn Halima)

Nile Isabeau!

Bandolero GF!  Son of Regaldo II.

Bandolero GF.  Sorry to say that before I got to use Bando in my program, he  passed away as of November 21, 2002.  So I am leaving Bando up in honor of his memory.  My heart goes out to you, Julie Littleton.