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Heavenly Scent Meadows
About Me
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LuAnne B Breeden & Future Herd Sire, Elmarees Majeed

Hi I'm LuAnne Breeden and I live in Missouri about 60 miles west of St Louis and 60 miles from Jefferson City. Grew up here in MO (Northeast) and have traveled to quite a few places, including Germany for about 3 years. I am currently a homemaker and am working diligently to get my horse program started. My husband, Gene, is a computer tech. He does network development, software installation and maintenance plus many other talents in the computer field. We are a Christian family and attend the First Baptist Church in Union, Missouri. Have three wonderful kids ages 16, 9, and 4.

I plan to do some Competitive Trail Riding with my Arabians, then down the road when I purchase some Andalusians or when I have available a Hispano-Arabe horse, will then enter the Freestyle Musical Dressage competition and maybe do some exhibition shows.

I am a supporter of the Andalusian, the Arabian, and Arab Bred Sporthorses. Thus focusing in on characteristics that would benefit the person looking for just that special horse for Special Events. As well as a sporthorse supporter, I am a firm believer in that horses are very therapeutic to people and should be part of a good family responsible enough to take care of it.


Like to go Bowling. Attend the First Baptist Church of Union, Missouri. Listen to Country Music.

Missouri Equine Council!

I would like to invite you to visit the Missouri Equine Council website. It helps to protect and serve the horse industry for the state of Missouri. They also have their Ride Missouri Program for Trailriders. MEC puts on an Annual Event each year that brings in Vendors, Clubs/Association booths, Clinics/Seminars, Horse Exhibits/Demonstrations plus many other activities.